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Newborn baby products Ideas

To be as thorough as possible, I’ve included all of the infant goods that I’ve used and can think of, and anyone can delete or add them based on their needs. You don’t have to mechanically copy them in order to avoid purchasing items that aren’t useful at home.

Feeding supplies

  1. Prepare two milk bottles for breastfeeding and 3-5 bottles for non-breastfeeding. Boiling and disinfecting heat-resistant glass bottles is possible. They’re simple to clean, and plastic bottles are light and unlikely to break. They are easy to transport when traveling away. It’s wise to have both types of bottles on hand.
  2. Pacifier: The size of the nipple hole should be determined by the baby’s age, and one should be kept on hand in case it needs to be replaced.
  3. Bottlebrush: Two brushes of different sizes should be supplied for brushing the infant bottle and brushing the nipple. Choose fiber brushes for glass and sponge brushes for scratch-prone plastic bottles
  4. Milk bottle sterilizer: milk bottles and dinnerware are sterilized at a high temperature, and the drying function is improved.
  5. Nipple and feeding bottle clamp: This clamp is intended to keep the nipple and feeding bottle in place during disinfecting.
  6. Breast pump: manual and automatic options based on needs; electric is pretty simple.
  7. Breast milk preservation bag/box: used to keep sucked-out breast milk and freeze it for later use.
  8. Multi-compartment or multi-layer milk powder box (when the baby grows up, it can be used for snacks)
  9. Milk warmer: warm milk and other foods.
  10. Baby bottle storage box/milk bottle drying rack (if the steriliser.33. has a drying function, it will not be used)
  1. Prepare a small bucket for breastfeeding with milk powder.


  1. Bathtub: A slightly larger customized baby bath designed for bathing and water play.
  2. Bath rack: for use in the bathtub, it can be hung.
  3. Water thermometer: There are suction cups and floating types of water thermometers that can display the temperature. Select the most suited option. (The water temperature gauge is more accurate than Mummy’s elbow.)
  4. Bathing essentials, such as bathing liquid. Shampoo, soap, talcum powder, diaper cream, emollient oil, and other similar products are available.
  5. Bath towels: two large and medium-sized bath towels should be prepared. Choose goods made entirely of cotton, preferably Baotou.
  6. Toys for the bath

 Swimming equipment (such as swimming at home)

  1. Swimming pool: inflatable or bracket type (you don’t need to buy one if you already have a large bathtub at home).
  2. Neck circumference: numerous precautions make it safer.
  3. Umbilical cord care stickers: Do not prepare the umbilical cord if you do not want to swim before it falls off.

Bedding and miscellaneous supplies

  1. Crib: the best wood, with mosquito nets; the height of the fence should be larger than 60CM to prevent the baby from tumbling over as he or she grows older; and the spacing between the railings should be less than 6CM to keep the baby’s head from jutting out and injuring him or her. The movable joint bolts are sturdy, and it’s difficult to shake them loose and have them fall off. After purchasing them, set them in a well-ventilated area to allow the paint smell to evaporate.
  2. Mattress: It should not be too soft for the baby’s spine to develop appropriately, and a little tougher is preferable.
  3. A protective enclosure to keep bumps at bay when flipping over.
  4. Quilt: The quilt and liner are both composed of cotton, have a reasonable thickness, and come in three sizes: large, medium, and small.
  5. Cushion: Prepare two beds for washing and replacing.
  6. Towels and sheets: cotton, strong moisture absorption, more than two beds
  7. Diaphragm: Prevent the urine from reaching the mattress by closing the diaphragm.
  8. Pillows: Use towels to fold pillows or don’t use pillows for the first three months, then use baby pillows after that.
  9. Blankets and quilts: The blankets should be prepared first, and the others should be prepared as needed.

Goods for baby care

  1. Thermometer: An ear thermometer is preferable; nevertheless, mercury thermometers are harmful to neonates.
  2. Nail clippers: Nail clippers are optional for babies.
  3. Nasal aspirator and nasal liquid: A nasal aspirator with a ball or an electric motor is preferable.
  4. Medication feeder: a disposable syringe can be used instead.

Clothes for babies and other items

  1. Underwear: more than 6 sets, 100% cotton, pleasant hand feel, good moisture absorption, washable, no back buckle, one-piece suit is preferable.
  2. Diapers: If you want to use all-cotton diapers, you can buy leak-proof diapers at the same time and wrap them around the outside of the diapers.
  3. huge bags of diapers.
  4. Wraps and bibs: make one thin and one thick wrap, as well as 3-5 bibs (gauze can also be used).
  5. Each thickness has its own hat.
  6. Socks with ankles that are loose but not too loose.
  7. Outing attire: cloak, one-piece cotton suit, small shoes, jumper, and wool slacks, etc., seasonally appropriate.
  8. Sleeping bag: pick the thickness based on your home’s temperature.

Furniture categories 

  1. Baby crib: As before (to avoid waste, choose crib and crib multi-purpose models)
  2. Diaper changing table: Plan ahead of time depending on the situation.
  3. Diaper storage box (desktop or wall-mounted).
  4. Video baby monitor: It is preferable to have a video baby monitor.
  5. Air heater: It is necessary for cities with dry air, and the mute feature is preferable.
  6. Rocking chair cradle: pick one that suits your needs.
  7. Warmer for wet wipes: a must-have for babies born in the winter.
  8. Night light: check on the infant at any time during the night.


  1. milk bottle cleaner: use organic and fragrance-free detergent to clean milk bottles and dinnerware.
  2. Disinfectant toy: non-toxic, tasteless, and simple to clean.
  3. Laundry detergent for babies: it has a gentle and gentle function.
  4. Disinfecting gel that doesn’t need to be washed: excellent for newborns.
  5. Cotton swabs are preferable for newborns.
  6. Wet wipes: Prepare your buttocks and mouths with wet wipes.

Mommy’s essentials

  1. Two or more nursing bras: non-steel rimmed bras are preferable for at-home use.
  2. Galactorrhea pad, washable and disposable.
  3. 3–4 sets of nursing clothes when the baby is born
  4. At-home attire: A breastfeeding mouth is ideal.
  5. A single cap and a wool cap to wear after being released from the hospital.
  6. Breastfeeding shawl: To avoid cold shoulders, get up at night and breastfeed. Instead, a nightgown can be worn.
  7. Thick, toasty socks with a taller sock tube.
  8. A pair of heeled cotton slippers.
  9. Corset
  10. Mommy’s bag
  11. Make adult diapers/mummy towels longer.
  12. A breast pump
  13. a brace for the wrists and ankles
  14. Nipple protection cream/protective cover: A protective cover can be used to relieve pain during feeding in the event of a nipple rupture.

Travel essentials

  1. Baby carrier: Choose a dual-purpose model that can be worn on both the back and the front, with a thicker shoulder strap. Adults can carry the infant on their backs even if they don’t have the baby’s legs.
  2. Stroller: It is preferable to sit and lie down in a stroller.
  3. Bottle warmer in the car
  4. Long-distance travel pillow in the shape of a U.
  5. Car seat safety 6. Pad for changing diapers 7. A bib for breastfeeding

Toys for babies

It is unnecessary to purchase an excessive number of toys for babies. You can gradually purchase appropriate toys as the month progresses. The following are some suggestions for newborns:

  1. Bed bell: The rhyming and rotation functions are preferable, and the comfort lamp can be utilized at night.
  2. Ring the bell to get your baby’s hands moving. It is preferable for babies to choose textiles to ring the bell, as it is difficult to injure oneself.
  3. Pull the bell to strengthen your grasp at the same time.
  4. Tap the piano to strengthen your little feet.
  5. Fitness frame: The greatest model is the multifunctional one that can be utilized from infancy to childhood.
  6. Relaxing toys


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